Thomas Brodie Sangster

Thomas Brodie Sangster

Thomas brodie Sangster is a British actor who entered the spotlight at a young age when he was offered an essential part in the famous romantic comedy “Love”. At the age of ten and a half, his family encouraged him to be an actor after seeing the play that they performed in his life as Edgar Allan Poe in Prague.

He acquired his acting abilities from his parents but never attended acting classes. Most of his appeal is due to his youthful charm, even in his twenties. Incredibly, he often offered roles that required an enlightened, young performance.

In his early 20s, Sangster was featured in the show Game of Thrones as a 12-year-old Jojen Reed, a mystic seer who guides one of the principal characters, Bran, to his destiny.

In BBC2’s Wolf Hall, a 25-year-old Sangster is portrayed as a 15-year-old Rafe Sadler, knowledgeable enough to advise in times of need. He has appeared in numerous successful television and film series and worked with a variety of Hollywood hotshots.

Childhood & Early Life

Thomas Brodie Sangster was born in London, England, on 16 May 1990. The parents of Thomas, Mark Sangster and Tasha Bertram are both theatre actors. He has an older sister, Ava.

Thomas Brodie Sangster

He also has a father who is a professional musician. He taught him how to play the guitar and bass, and he also taught him how to play the drums in his character in ‘Love Actually.

Career of Thomas brodieĀ Sangster

He appeared in 2002 when he was a guest in the six seasons of the TV mini-series “Stig of the Dump’. The following year, he portrayed an infant Hitler in the telefilm of two parts, “Hitler: The Rise of Evil.’

His first significant role was in 2003’s film ‘Love Actually, where he appeared alongside Liam Nelson and Hugh Grant. His performance as an orphan boy instantly captivated the viewers.

In 2004 he was cast 2004 as Robert Nobel in the mini-series “Feather Boy”. He was for six segments of the show.

Thomas brodie Sangster, who had previously collaborated alongside Emma Thompson in ‘Love Actually”, was cast in the lead role in the commercially appealing comedy “Nanny McPhee in 2005. In addition to Thompson, it was also his third film, together with Colin Firth and Adam Godley.

In 2006, he played his role as a young Tristan as the younger James Franco character in the movie “Tristan and the Isolde”. The actor will seen in a sword fight scene from the film.

2007 was when he captivated audiences with his fantastic performance as the young leader Romulus Augustus. He was the final Roman Emperor in the action-adventure film, ‘The Last Legation’. The film features him with Colin Firth and Sir Ben Kingsley.

Thomas Brodie Sangster

He voiced Timothy, a schoolboy, in “Tim to Thomas brodie Sangster” Latimer for two episodes in “Doctor Who,” the British science-fiction show “Doctor Who” in 2007. He was also an actor as a guest for two Big Finish ‘Doctor Who audio dramas.

He was a part of his role in the Disney Channel cartoon series “Phineas and Ferb” The show premiered its debut episode on 17 August 2007. He voiced Ferb Fletcher in the show that ran for four seasons and 223 episodes.

In the Irish film “Death of Superhero,” he was a character from Ireland based on the eponymous novel. In the following year, he was Liam’s character in the film ‘Hideaways’.

In 2012, he landed the part in the role of Johan Reed on the award-winning TV series “Game of Thrones”. He played the character for ten episodes during seasons three and four in 2013 and 2014.

He doses to cast as Newt in the futuristic science film ‘The Maze Runner in 2014. The following year, he reprised his character in the sequel to the film ‘Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’. He doses also scheduled to be a part of the final part of the franchise in 2018.

In 2015, he got selected to voice the character for the science-fiction animated show “Thunderbirds Are Go”. He says John Tracy is in the series currently in its second season.

Major Works

“Love Actually” is considered one of Thomas Brodie Sangster’s most notable films and remains cherished by his fans. He was nominated to win a “Golden Satellite Award” and Young Artist Award for his performance as a character in the movie.

Another role in which It praised him is Newt in the ‘The Maze Runner series. He was nominated to win the ‘Choice Breakout Star’, a movie Award in 2015, and he won the award for his character.

Thomas Brodie Sangster

Thomas brodie Sangster Awards & Achievements

The year 2003 was when he received the Golden Nymph award during the 43rd annual Monte Carlo Television Festival for his part in the mini-series “Entrusted”.

In 2016, he received a Teen Choice Thomas brodie Sangster Award for his on-screen relationship and his fellow co-star Dylan O’Brien in ‘Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

Thomas Brodie Sangster Personal Life & Legacy

As of 2008, Thomas Brodie Sangster started dating Patience Harding. However, the couple split the following year. He is currently involved in a relationship with the former young actress Isabella Melling. The two began dating in December of 2012.

In a couple of years of acting, he began earning his father moreover. He acquired two homes; one in Vauxhall and the second in Camber ell.

Along with the mother of his Tasha Bertram, he launched an independent business, Brodie Films, to aid the development of the emergence of new British filmmakers and talents. Industry, and it shut the company down in May of 2013.

He joined the group ‘Winner in 2010 and played the bass in the band. Family members from his home are members of the band, and his mom sings vocals.

Trivia for Thomas brodie Sangster

The school was not easy for Thomas Brodie Sangster, to a certain extent, because Thomas was diagnosed with dyslexia that was mild. He struggled to comprehend long paragraphs, and films were his way of getting out of school. His mother was able to help him learn his lines by reading the scripts to him.

At 24 years old, he refused to drink alcohol at a bar because the bar judged him to be underage. He displayed the photos in his IMDB profile to show them that he was born in 1990. Although they knew his name and wanted to sign autographs, they did not serve him any alcohol.

Hugh Grant, the actor Hugh Grant is his second cousin. Great-grandmother of Hugh’s maternal line, Barbara May Randolph, and his maternal grandmother, Margaret Isabel Randolph, were twins.

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